National Women's Golf Association

Player Information

Since 2006, The National Women’s Golf Association has operated more than five hundred professional golf tournaments for female athletes who aspire to play on the LPGA Tour.  Year after year the NWGA proves to be a valuable stepping stone for players as they hone and develop their skills in preparation for a career in professional golf.  Some of the biggest names in women’s golf have competed in and won NWGA tournaments.  players such as; Paula Creamer, Maria Hjorth, Brooke Henderson, Cindy Feng, Jeong Jang, Amy Yang, Anna Nordqvist, Cheyenne Woods, Beatriz Recari, M.J Hur, Chella Choi, and dozens more who went on to find success on the LPGA Symetra Tour, LPGA Tour, and Tour’s abroad.  Whether you are a new player to the professional ranks, or a seasoned pro looking to stay competitive during the off season, the NWGA guarantees to provide you with a competitive and professionally run tournament experience.  

2022 Player information.  The following information is in effect beginning October 1, 2021.



Eligibility:  The NWGA is open to female competitors, both professional and amateur.  There is no age restriction to compete.  Transgender athletes are welcomed to compete provided they have completed all facets of the gender reassignment treatments.  Medical certification from the attending physician needs to be submitted to the tour prior to competition.



Membership:  Membership is not required to compete with the NWGA.  Non-members are welcomed and will pay an additional non-member fee ($100 per event) during registration.


2022 Season Membership : $375  (Valid October 1 through April 30). JOIN by November 1, 2021 and pay only $225



Amateur Participation:  Amateurs will compete for competitive experience only.



Entry Fees: & Purse Distribution


Except for tournaments that have a guaranteed first place prize, there are no purse guarantees.  The amount of the purse is determined by how many professionals are in the field.


Amateur entry fee discount is $175 off professional entry fee.  The discount will be applied at checkout.


36 Hole Events -  Pro -  $299    Purse Distribution = 25% of the professional field gets paid.


54 Hole Events -  Pro - $399     Purse Distribution = 30% of the professional field gets paid.


*Non-members add $100 to fee at checkout

* Entry fees include a 4% processing fee charged by merchant services partner.

*Some tournaments may have a surcharge to cover higher greens fees.



Tournament Withdrawal Policy:  


A $35 admin fee will be assessed to tournament WD’s.  Withdrawals after the registration deadline will be eligible for a refund minus the amount of course cost guaranteed to the course (in addition to the $35 admin fee) for each individual player.  For example:  For a 54 hole event, the course is charging a $45 per day fee, the player will receive a refund of their entry fee minus $135 (45 x 3), plus the $35 admin fee.



Practice Rounds:  It is up to the player to book and pay for her practice round.



Immigration Letters: 


Effective January 2018, the tour will not longer sponsor players for immigration purposes.  The tour will, however, provide a certified letter to their immigration attorney which can be filed with their immigration packet.  This letter only serves as a confirmation of membership and commitment on behalf of the player.





Yardage Books and Distance Measuring Devices: 


Unfortunately, we do not offer yardage books at this time.  Payers are permitted to use their range finders, GPS and the like during competition.   Devices that measure slope and gradient may not be used unless these features have been disabled prior to teeing off.



Walking / Cart Transportation:


Unless otherwise specified, all players are required to use golf carts during tournament play. The tour is permitted 2 carts assigned to each pairing.  If the host facility has enough carts for tournament and daily fee play, the player may rent and additional cart from the club.  This is only permitted based on host facilities ability to accommodate, and the host facility determines the fee to be assessed.  Same applies to spectators and cart rental.





Players are permitted to have caddies.  Caddies may rent a cart if they do not want to walk.



Dress Code


Fashion acceptable in the golf industry for players and caddies is required.  Host clubs dress code and shoe policy will supersede the tour’s policy.  If you have concerns regarding dress code please contact the host club for clarification.

Shoes - players may wear spiked or soft spiked shoes.  However, the host clubs dress code and shoe policy will supersede the tour’s policy.  If you would like to wear spiked golf shoes please contact the club in advance to inquire.  Caddies are required to wear smooth bottom, or dimple bottom shoes.





Tournament & Round Cancellations


18 Holes completed constitutes an official tournament. In the event a tournament needs to be canceled and cannot be rescheduled, refunds will be issued to participants, minus any associated costs for the tournament. In the event a tournament is shortened, no refunds are given for rounds not played.  The funds allotted for course costs are rolled into the tournament purse.  Tournament rounds will not be carried over beyond the final day of scheduled play.  If a round is shortened on the final day of play, and all players complete 9 holes, that round will count towards official results.  If all players do not complete 9 holes, the results will revert back to either 18 or 36 holes standings for payout purposes.



Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Policy is covered by one sentence.


 “Any player, or caddie, who displays conduct (while on host course property, making derogatory comments towards the tour and its sponsors on site or through social media platforms and the like) deemed by the tournament committee as conduct unbecoming of a golf professional will be in breach the NWGA Code of Conduct  Policy.”


 Breaches of this policy subjects the player to penalty, disqualification, and or tour suspension depending on the circumstance.  PLAYERS are responsible for their CADDIES conduct.